Vintage Rustic Candy Bar – Girlfriend Model Search 2013

Mmmmm who doesn’t love a candy bar overflowing with delicious treats. I certainly never say no to a sweet or three – especially if they’re of the homemade variety. Did someone say brownies? Yes please!

We recently hired out our delightful chippy-legged kitchen table & rustic window frame chalkboard to the lovely ladies at Girlfriend Magazine. They have been on the hunt for this year’s Girlfriend model and wanted to create a gorgeous candy bar for all the girls to enjoy at their winner announcement. The event was held at The Hudson in Cockle Bar – what a venue! With banks of button back leather seating and rustic touches it’s the perfect place to sit overlooking the waters of Darling Harbour with a glass of vino.

Congrats to Olivia who won the 2013 Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search! Exciting times ahead. Check out more photos from the Girlfriend model winner announcement here. 

vintage rustic candy bar Girlfriend model search


vintage rustic candy bar Girlfriend model search

Are you looking for a vintage lolly bar for your wedding or maybe for a work event or function?

We have some lovely table options as well as different styles for how we can dress the table to display all the yummy things.

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